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Poolfilters.Biz understands the importance of keeping the water of the spa or swimming pool clean and fresh. Keeping this is mind, it started its journey around 10 years ago with the aim of providing the best quality spa and pool filters, filter cartridges and accessories to spa and pool owners. Every product that is sold is of high quality and delivers top-notch performance. PoolFilters.Biz is one of the names that goes unnoticed when one talks of the providers of pool and spa maintenance products and accessories. PoolFilters.Biz is one of the largest suppliers of brands like Unicel, Pentair, Hayward, Artesian Spa, Viking Spas filters, Sundance Filters, Cantar pool cartridges and Atlantic pool products.

The clients can choose from a wide range of filters, filter replacement cartridges, accessories and pool cleaners. The company serves its clients with the aim of providing cost effective solutions for all their needs. Every product is durable, easy to use and install, available at economical price and ensures ultimate satisfaction to every client. This keeps the spa and pool owners free from the worry of keeping their spa or pool water clean at all times and enables them to relax in the spa or pool. Some of the popular products available are:

Unicel C 8341: This filter cartridge has technical specifications of Filbur # FC-1007, OEM # C8341, Unicel # C-8341 and Pleatco # PMA45-2004-R. The filter is handy as its length is  6 ¾” and width is 8”. Both the top and the bottom of the filter consists of a hole measuring 4”. The filter has the ability of handling a top load of around 40 Sq. Ft. and keeps the spa water crystal clear.

Unicel C 5625: Having the technical specifications of OEM # 42-2891-08-R, Unicel # C-5625, Filbur # FC-1425 and Pleatco # PJ25-IN-4, this replacement filter cartridge works best for Seven Seas Spas, Cantar, Blue Ridge, Emerald Spas and Sundance Spas, to name but a few. The length of the cartridge is 13” and the width is 5” and it can handle a top load of  25 Sq. Ft.

Pleatco PRB50 IN: This high-quality replacement filter cartridge is ideal for Apollo Spas, Bullfrog Spas, Aquiform-Infinity Spas and Dynasty Spas, to name a few. The filter cartridge complies with OEM # C4950, Unicel # C-4950, Filbur # FC-2390 and Pleatco # PRB-50-IN. The filter can efficiently bear a topl oad of 50 square feet.

Pleatco PJ25 IN 4: This replacement filter cartridges is13” long and 5” wide and can easily replace Filbur # FC-1425, OEM # 42-2891-08-R, Pleatco # PJ25-IN-4 and Unicel # C-5625. Two holes measuring 2 3/8” are present on the top and at the bottom of the filter cartridge. Also, it can bear a top load of 25 Sq. Ft. and can be used for Blue Ridge,  Atlantic Pool Products (Canada) and Sundance Spas etc.

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A Glance at the Top 3 Pool Products from Hayward- PoolFilters.Biz

Once you own a swimming pool, the next step that you take is to install high quality products and accessories to keep the pool functioning for a long period of time. Hayward pool products is one of the trusted and popular names in the market. Various Hayward products have been designed to keep the pool crystal clear. Each product has been designed keeping in mind the safety of the users. Moreover, every product ensures the best performance and keeps the water of the swimming pool free from all impurities. Let us have a look at a few such products from Hayward.

  • Pumps for pools: Pump pools are one of the popular accessories from Hayward. The wide range of pool pumps available are ideal for both in ground and above ground pools. Some of the well known and trusted designs in this range include Super pump, NorthStar, TriStar Energy Solution, Super II, Max-Flo and TriStar Waterfall. Another popular product from the company is the Booster pump. All the pumps have been designed carefully and aim at delivering the best performance. They can work efficiently even in a salty environment and can hold up to the unpleasant weather conditions. Extremely easy to operate, every pump contributes extensively in saving the consumption of power.
  • Hayward pool filters: Among the various pool filter products available in the market, Hayward is a reliable name and is chosen by a large number of pool owners. All three kinds of pool filters, namely, sand, cartridge and DE filters are available under the brand. A sand filter has the capability of efficiently removing dirty particles that are as minute as 20 – 40 microns from the pool water. The cartridge filters leave the water crystal clear as they can easily trap impurities as minute as 10-15 microns. Also, cartridge filters can be run at a low pressure easily. Talking about DE filters, they are one of the best selections one can make as they have the efficiency to catch hold of particles as small as two to five microns. Every Hayward pool filter can provide excellent result for years if maintained in the right manner.
  • Cleaners for pool: Pool cleaners are extremely easy to maintain and can be installed quickly. Three varieties of pool cleaners are available in Hayward, they are, pressure, suction and robotic pool cleaners.

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What Pool Products Are Required to Keep the Pool in Perfect Condition?

Pool FIlter
There is nothing like having a nice relaxation in a pool. There are many modern luxurious houses and villas, where people are spending money to have a personal swimming pool or a hot spa tub. Also, large and small sized swimming pools are seen in resorts, clubs and hotels. It is very essential to keep the pool in a perfect condition, with pure quality water all the time. There are certain basic products which are very essential to keep the pool in a good condition. There are many pool products available in the market. In today’s competitive market, where there are launches of new products almost every day, Atlantic Pool Products have become very popular as these are affordable, flexible, of good quality and require low maintenance. If you have a personal spa tub, then the Dynasty hot tub parts have become increasingly popular in the market nowadays.

We discuss below the most essential products that you need to purchase to keep your pool in a perfect condition.

  • Pool Filters: One of the most important requirements in any pool is the pool filters. The water filled in the pool needs to pass through the filters first to get rid of the impurities and make the water safe for swimming. Opt for quality pool filters products for the successful maintenance of your pool.
  •  Pool Cartridges: Along with the filter, also purchase pool filter cartridges because over a period of time, the filtered water that passes through the filter, leaves behind impurities that clog the filter pores. That is why, it is essential to have cartridge pool filters, so that the cartridge can be changed as and when required.
  • Pool Pumps: When you have a swimming pool, you should also have a pump, which is the main component of the filtration system. The pool pump should be in good condition so that there is a proper functioning of the filtration system.
  • Automatic Pool Vacuums: For proper maintenance of your swimming pools, automatic pool vacuums are needed for cleaning the ground, the pool and the sides of the pool without manual help. Vacuums remove debris, bugs, dirt and grime, fallen leaves, pebbles and sticks from the swimming pool and also from the enclosure.
  • Swimming Pool Heaters: What about a pool water heater? The heater will help you to adjust the water temperature as per your requirement, considering the outside weather and temperature.
  • Pool Water Sanitizers: Another basic pool product is the pool sanitizers, that can keep the water in the pool PH balanced and make it free from impurities and other organic compounds.

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How to Close an in-Ground Pool for Winters- PoolFilters.Biz



 PoolFilters.Biz, one of the biggest online store of pool and spa maintenance products and accessories, guides its esteemed customers on how to close their in-ground pool for winters. Closing the pool for the winters is no rocket science – all that needs to be done is prepare your pool in the right manner. During winters you do not use your pool, but that does not mean that you can leave your pool open for the entire winter season. To use the pool again the summers, it has to be shut down properly. Here is the right procedure for closing the pool.

Winterizing water treatment: Make sure that the pool water is free of all impurities. The dirt and debris should all be removed and a final winterizing water treatment should be performed.

Disconnect the filter and pump: Once you clear the pool’s filter and remove all the dirt and oil layering it, make sure you disconnect the filter and the pump. Pool owners having a heater should remember to disconnect the heater and drain it too.

Lower the level of water: The next step is to lower the level of water. The water can be drained up to the level marked in the pool, known as the freeze line or can be drained below the return lines and skimmer.

Drain and plug: Next what you need to do is drain the return lines. Also keep in mind to drain the other plumbing and once this is done, use the correct drain plugs and plug them.

Adding anti-freeze: Proper care should be taken of the water lines, to ensure that they do not crack or freeze during the winter season. To keep the winter lines protected, add anti-freeze to them.

Refill the pool: Once you are done with the plugging of the lines, the pool should be refilled till the level indicated by the manufacturer. Generally, for plaster pools, it is around six inches below the tile line and for the vinyl pools, it is approximately six inches below the skimmer inlet.

Shock the pool: Shocking the pool is beneficial before finally closing the pool. Once shocking and chlorination is done, there are less chances that bacteria and algae will develop.

Clean and cover: Next you should ensure that the pool is absolutely clean. All the debris, leaves, soap pieces etc should be removed. Also, the pool appliances and ladders etc too should be removed. Once you are sure that the pool is absolutely clean, cover it with a hefty winter cover.

Check the chemical balance of water: Even after you perform all the above mentioned steps, the work does not end here. The chemical balance of the water should be checked in every two to three weeks. This will ensure that no stains are developing.

How to Improve the Efficiency of Dimension One Spa Filters

Dimension One Spa FiltersA filter installed in your spa can do wonders and can last for years if maintained in the right manner. One of the reliable products available in the market are the Dimension One Spa filters. These filters have been built with great care and they can purify the water of your spa in the best possible manner. Spa filters need to be cleaned from time to time but while doing so, you need to be extremely careful. Here are few tips to improve the efficiency of your cartridge filters.

  • Do not over clean: This might come as a surprise to you but it is a fact that a filter cartridge that is a little dirty traps more dirt. Surprising but true! Another surprising fact is that as many times as you clean the filter, the fibers of the cartridges loosen up, thereby reducing the ability to trap the dirt present in the water. When you start your filter, note down the starting pressure and when you notice a rise in the pressure gauge of around 8-10 lbs over the actual reading, consider cleaning your filter cartridges.
  • Be gentle while cleaning: It is important to use a lot of water while cleaning the spa filters but make sure that the water pressure is not too high. Never use a pressure washer to clean the filter cartridges as the force of the water stream might damage the cartridge.
  • Make use of a larger cartridge: By saying make use of a large cartridge, we do not mean a cartridge that is large in size, but a cartridge that has a larger square feet filter area. You can increase the surface of the filter by adding more folds or pleats in the cartridge. This will also increase the life of the filter cartridge.
  • Make use of a microban cartridge: While searching for a filter cartridge, look for microban cartridges. These cartridges provide the best protection against algae, bacteria and mold. When filters purify the water of the spa, the microbes start surviving deep within the fabrics of the fibers. This can result in early damage of the filter cartridges. Opting for a microban cartridge will not only keep your swimming pool free of microbes, but will also increase the life of the filter cartridge.

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Remarkable Features of Pentair Pool Filters

Pentair Pool FIlter

Many pool owners cannot enjoy the benefit of their swimming pool to the fullest because they miss out on performing one of the most important tasks – maintenance of the spa. Pentair pool products are certainly one of the best brands available in the market, but they too need to be maintained from time to time. One of their popular products is the Pentair pool filter. Let us have a look at the various features of these pool filters.

  • Filtration: One of the major reasons for installing a pool filter is to keep the pool water free from all impurities. Pentair pool filters are reliable and every pool owner can be free of worry once this pool filter is installed in the swimming pool. These filters are built with high-quality material and the top-notch technology makes the work of filtration easy and quick. The cartridges have the ability to trap any kind of dirt and debris, leaving your pool free from all impurities.
  • Energy Efficient: These pool filters are highly efficient and offer the best service. Also, these they are energy efficient, meaning they consume less energy. Since they consume less energy, they work for a long period of time.
  • Easy Maintenance: These filters are extremely easy to clean. Maintaining and cleaning the filters on a regular basis is one of the hassles of every pool owner. These filters can be cleaned very conveniently without any professional help. Also, when you feel that the filter is not functioning properly, you can always replace the Pentair pool filters cartridges and end your worry.
  • Easy Installation: Another excellent feature of Pentair filters is its easy installation. These filters are not only easy to clean, but also extremely to install. This ensures that you do not need to spend a lot of money in calling for a professional help. This helps you save time and money, both.
  • Easy Availability: Merely knowing about the best pool filter will not solve your purpose – you should be able to buy it too. Various products are highly durable and reliable, but finding them is a major task. A brand like Pentair, can be found easily in the market. Whether you look for the product in a retail shop or choose the option of online shopping, there is an easy availability of the products.

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All About Pool Filters- PoolFilters.Biz


If you have a swimming pool, it is very important to keep it clean for hygiene purpose. But it is a very tedious job to clean a pool, and here comes the use of the pool filter. It helps a pool to filter the dirt and assists in diffusing the germs. Generally, outdoor pools accumulate loads of debris, leaves, algae and insects. And the most essential part of a pool filter is its cartridges, which filter the system quickly.

There are several types of filtration systems available for the pools and one of which is pool filter cartridge. This type of filter is generally accordion-shaped and positioned in the central housing unit. It has more surface region, which enables trapping the debris in a wider area. Usually, these are crafted by spun polyester on a hard PVC core and are easy to remove, clean and replace. Moreover, these can be used in all types and sizes of the pools. This can filter even a smallest particle as it has several layered for purification and they last for a long time. The cartridge is quite easy to use and hassle free to install. Moreover, it is recommended to clean it once or twice in a season. However, the swimming pool cartridges get filled with debris frequently, hence, it is important to clean them on a regular basis and if still they do not function effectively, consider replacing them.

Intex Type A pool filters and  Intex Type C pool filters are most popular pool filters. They have some of the amazing features that provide unparalleled performance. These pool filters are available in different pump models like 58603, 58631, 58623 and 56635. These filters are very important to use keeping the wellness of the swimmer in mind. With the proper installation of filter in the pool, you can get rid of illness as well.

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